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It’s All Uphill from Here!

I recently told a friend of mine that was feeling overwhelmed at starting a small business, that you shouldn’t worry about your climb to the top; you should imagine what it feels like looking down. after you make it there.

Starting your own small business can be a challenge as any entrepreneur knows. I now compare it to standing at the bottom of a large hill. Picture yourself standing at the edge of it, your feet still firmly rooted on soft grass while your eyes search the terrain ahead for any slippery slopes, rocky impasses, sheer cliff faces, crevasses…oh yeah, it’s a hill, not Mount Everest, although sometimes it may feel that way at the beginning.

As you begin to climb, it gets a little harder with each step, yet you know that each effort you make will help you reach your goal. Will you ever get to the top? It depends if you have worn the right shoes, studied the options, brought along the correct equipment, and have a plan for each stage of the climb. It might help to have a few friends along on your hike to the top to help guide and support you. Someone to talk to about what the best route might be, and some who can offer alternative options or solutions you might not have seen.

Regardless of what step you are on while you climb your small business hill, my hope for all of us is that we can always look up, and say, it’s all Uphill from Here. I am grateful to everyone who has helped in the transition of 2015, as ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services started it’s uphill battle toward the top. No matter where I end up on the hill, I will always hold out my hand to others as they follow along behind me, helping them on their own journey in their small business, and in life.

I look forward to new adventures with all of you. Look for my hand when you need it, it will be there.