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How many clicks away are your new clients?

As small businesses struggle to prioritize the many options for advertising and promotion, I meet many who still believe that having a website is not really necessary, as they can manage their Facebook page, updating it when they get around to it. Imagine, I met three people last week who absolutely despise social media, and if there is no website, they look to the next Google search result. How many clicks away are you from your new customers?

On this note, I consulted with my Web Developer contact, who offers this advice.

Article courtesy of Brian Rutherford, 368 Durham:

Why your business needs a website alongside a social media account

In the wake of a social media blitz you can find every brand, small business, celebrity and non-profit on Facebook and Twitter. Social Media has allowed businesses to connect with their current customers and future customers like never before, you have the ability to now slightly control how your business is introduced to new customers, you can make sure that customers are given the latest promos, offerings and more from the comfort of their favorite internet device from their home, or office.

But with the expansion of social media do companies run a risk of limiting themselves by just having a social media presence and not a traditional website? The short answer is yes. But let’s get into the reasons below.

  1. Be unique! Taking the easy, cheap route rarely wins new clients or influences prospective customers. Every business can now be on Facebook or Twitter, what establishes one company over another? Having a professional, unique traditional website can show you’ve got your head in the game and you’ve got all the avenues covered.
  1. Get Traffic to your website! Don’t get me wrong, social media serves a purpose but generally it’s mistaken for something else. Facebook and Twitter should be used to connect and drive traffic to a main source. Take advantage of Facebooks click-to-action button they have on pages. Use Facebook to draw people to your website and show them what you have to offer.
  1. Professionalism! Let’s be honest. A website looks legit. Building credibility with your business can help make your future customers feel comfortable. It helps build a relationship which you can build upon in the future. A fully customized website provides you with that “been around the block” look and feel, and a sense of stability. It’s your chance to shape your unique image and share it with the world as you announce, “Its official. We’re open for business.”
  1. Be in control! You can’t control Facebook’s layout, you can’t control how people connect to the app, and you can’t control any downtime. However, you can add your logo and cover photo Facebook leaves little to customize. Your website options are endless, you can make the website a perfect replication of your store and show the public something to be proud of!

Each business has different needs depending on their size, location and customer base. Social media is a great tool, but its designed to be used to help grow your business and not as a standalone product. Build something unique and build something cool, your online portion should be something you are proud of!

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