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Are you using Facebook as a Website for your Small Business?

8 Things That are Wrong with using Facebook as a Website

Are you a small business using Facebook as a Website? What’s wrong with that you ask? Here’s my list of 8 Things That are Wrong with using Facebook as a Website:

1. Only 59% of Canadians are using facebook at all. If you take a survey of your own friends and family, chances are many dislike the platform and don’t use it. You just lost 41% of potential clicks to your page.
2. Although a Facebook page is free and is also a search result, you can’t blog from it, showcase your full range of products and services, or provide very much information about your brand and expertise.
3. Facebook controls who sees your posts from your business page. Your followers need to keep liking, commenting and sharing your posts so that you appear in their timeline. Most of your followers will never see what you’re posting on Facebook.
4. Not having a website, and only a facebook page just looks like you won’t invest in your business by setting up a proper website. That can trigger a trust issue with potential clients. Are you a legitimate business, they wonder.
5. Your competition likely has invested in a great website, and will show up on Google Search results before you will. If they see them first, you lose.
6. With a website, you can install Google Analytics, which not only shows clicks to your page, but on what devices people used to access your website, and, how long they stayed on the site. Knowing who your clients are and how they find you is the key to investing your marketing dollars in the right direction.
7. Your website can offer a secure e-commerce option for your customers, who can order directly online and streamline your sales process.
8. Your website can provide profiles of your business and your team members, building trust with new visitors and providing easy links to contact you.
Building a website is an essential element in your marketing strategy, as it is your 24 hour a day, 365 days a year, Silent Salesperson. It answers the basic questions visitors will have about you…Who are you, What do you offer, Where are you located, Why they should work with you or buy your products, and How to do so easily. Can your Facebook page do all of that?
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