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Do You Speak Twitter?

Do you speak Twitter? How are you using Social Media to communicate?

I have many clients who refrain from using social media out of sheer FEAR that they will post something incorrectly, not link something properly, or just don’t understand how to speak SOCIAL MEDIA languages like Twitter. It is a challenge to learn, no doubt, after spending several months learning it myself I appreciate their reservation to start Twittering away unbridled.

Keep in mind the old saying, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ when deciding on whether to wade into the social media pond. If you recognize the need to use this powerful engagement tool, yet haven’t done much with it as you haven’t the first clue how to do so, we offer training to SMBs in Durham Region on how to ‘speak Twitter’ and other Social Media languages.

From setting up profiles to the correct use of a hashtag, we will walk you through each step and give you the confidence needed to begin communications on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Have you ever seen a presentation on SlideShare? Or, taken the time to investigate Pinterest? Perhaps these platforms might be just what your small business is looking for to spread the word about your business offerings.

Most often, small businesses use social media platforms for the following reasons:

1.  Updating: It’s simple to update and share information with followers from platforms, and not have to update the website as often, which can be expensive if you pay a developer to update your site for you.

2.  Play where they Play: If your followers are on Facebook, keep in touch with them, stay top of mind, and post at least three times a week. Similarly, gain new followers by using Twitter; drag them back to your website, or Facebook page with interesting Twitter posts. Find new followers on Pinterest, or LinkedIn. Where do your followers spend their social time?

3.  Videos Attract Attention: Demonstrate your products and services with Video on Vimeo and You Tube. Hire a videographer to showcase your offerings, and post this across all your platforms, and put the link into your newsletters, and have a link from your Website’s home page.

4.  Pictures are louder than words. People are now more often linking more to posts that have a picture attached and minimal wording to bother with. Get them over to your website with interesting infographics and pictures.

5.  Engage with your followers. Ask questions and ask for them to comment, share, or take other action on social media. Offer some solutions to common problems and watch the shares, likes and comments come rolling in.

6.  Tell the world what you do, and why you are the best at it. Tell them how they can reach you, explain exactly what you offer, and do this weekly with a new, unique post from your business.

7. Virtual Networking. You can’t possibly reach enough people with face to face networking meetings as you can with Social Media. Be social; find and follow those whom might refer you, keep in touch, start a conversation, send out a virtual handshake, and pick up the phone if it looks like you may have a common opportunity to refer each other.

8. Create Trust: People will not work with those who are not trustworthy. Using social media to communicate, offer education and expert advice will help your potential clients feel that you are the ‘expert’ they are looking for, and will start the ‘trust’ process rolling before they meet you. Be ‘Researchable’.

If you agree with all of the above reasons to use Social Media to your advantage, yet haven’t stepped out far enough into the water or are afraid to just dive in, you can also either hire an outside Marketing professional to speak for you, or take on training if you prefer to handle it yourself. Either way, take steps this summer to learn how to speak Twitter and other Social Media languages. You will be happy you made the effort when you see the results!

ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services works with Small Business owners in Durham Region, Ontario. Training for yourself and your team is available with seminar presentations, or one-on-one sessions in your office or ours.

Not wanting to manage your Social Media on your own? Let ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services manage it for you offsite, sharing your messages, and engaging with your clients. Packages to suit all budgets and designed uniquely for your Small Business. Contact us for your estimate.