You are currently viewing CHARLIE Needs a Website. Charlie is Smart. Be Like Charlie.

CHARLIE Needs a Website. Charlie is Smart. Be Like Charlie.

MEET CHARLIE UPDATE: Charlie (not their real name) has decided to talk about doing a website and social media. It took a month, but now they are ready to talk. It went like this:

CHARLIE: I can’t afford a website

ME: Your competition is huge in this town. They all have websites. You lose EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER that tries to search you.

CHARLIE: I can’t afford marketing.

ME: You can’t afford to let new clients get sucked up by your competition.

CHARLIE: Print ads at $400 each in the paper did nothing.

ME: That’s because no one looks for your business in the paper. They look for you online. 77% of searches are on a mobile device, you need them to FIND you.

CHARLIE: Older people don’t use computers to search anything.

ME: People in the age range of 45-65 are the highest demographic searching online and using social media at any given time of day or night

CHARLIE: I have lost 50% of business over the past 5 years.

ME: That’s because they are finding your competition and going there.

CHARLIE: I need a website.

ME: Yes.

CHARLIE: I don’t know how to do a website.

ME: That’s what I do, you just have to give me some basic information and then we write it all for you.

CHARLIE: I don’t use social media.

ME: Your customers do. If you have a Google Plus page you can control what is searched about your business and have an instant website connection.

CHARLIE: Crap. I need this don’t I?

ME: Yes.

CHARLIE: Give me a quote.

ME: You’ll have it tomorrow.

Charlie is making progress. I’ll keep you updated on it…

Charlie now knows they need a website and online marketing.
Charlie is smart.
Be like Charlie…