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Getting on Board with SEO and Social Media: A Generational Challenge?

I seem to be coming to a crossroads between Generations lately as I promote the value of taking a business or organization online via Social Media and Online Marketing. I watch with amusement as Millennials argue with Gen X’s and Baby Boomers and let them duke it out before calling a truce and providing them with these facts: Social Media and Online Marketing are not a Fad. They are not a Passing Thing. They are here to stay, and even more important, they are Essential to the future of your business.

Here are some facts to think about:

  • 62% of people in North America are using Facebook, most popular platform still
  • 79% of 30 to 49-year-olds online use Facebook, and 72 percent of online users have incomes over $75,000
  • There are over 1 billion users on Facebook Daily around the globe.
  • YouTube on mobile alone, reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.
  • 77% of all online searches are conducted on a Mobile Device, and 80% of all searches are via Google


I’m accustomed to objections in a sales environment, after 30 years of sales experience across many industries. I always have a good comeback prepared for objections, until this one particular day, when I was at a loss for words. During a recent seminar I had a guest say they were ‘not convinced there is any value in social media for my business’. After an hour of providing 50 good reasons, explaining the entire process, and how simple it would be to get your information out into the online world of Search, I literally was stumped about how to respond. Yet nothing makes an entrepreneurial spirit stir more than a challenge. I mulled this situation over for days before coming up with the best response, which I will share with this doubtful business owner the next time we meet. I will say:

‘The last time you needed a product or service, or wanted to know where something was, or need to know anything, how did you access that information?’ I would bet my last dollar the answer will be ‘I looked it up on Google’, and not that he opened the phone book.

In a room full of people, with an age range from 20 something to 70 something, you can pretty much separate the believers and non-believers of Social Media, SEO and Online Marketing right down the middle. 50 somethings have a foot in both worlds. Older generations are not excited at the prospect of learning something new and are on the ‘Hell No’ side of the divide. Millennials are always blissfully informed and wave the flag with passion. I seem to be right smack in the middle and trying to drag the Hell No’s and the Maybe’s into the Yes arena, and it’s a tough job to convince them.

I also was one of the misinformed many years ago. As a sales manager I did my best to try and find any new marketing avenues that would work for my employer, and attended my first social media marketing seminar way back in 2010. Facebook was just getting off the ground and no one had really even heard of Twitter, yet a light bulb, life-changing moment happened that day. I said to myself: Holy *&&^%%^ this is going to be HUGE’ and off I went and dove right into this new marketing option and never looked back.

As a student in high school we had just the one computer, and 200 students sharing it. I had to take Word and Excel courses at night school while working full time and starting a family. I knew that my work would depend on this knowledge in the future, and also that informing ourselves, gaining a firm knowledge and understanding of computers, software, the internet, social media, websites, SEO and online marketing is not an option, it’s essential. i have spent the last 7 years making all the mistakes and finding all the benefits of ‘new’ marketing avenues, so that my clients may benefit from this experience.

Nothing makes me happier than bringing new clients to my business for their first consultation and watching their eyes widen when they see what they’ve been missing all this time, and their excitement as we begin to work together to get them into shape and start promoting their services online. For the dinosaurs (sorry had to be said) that prefer to avoid it all, I wish you well, yet will still be willing to have the conversation when you’re ready, no hard feelings.

So if you’re on the fence, come and spend an hour with me at ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services, I look forward to sharing my favourite topic with you and hopefully walking you over to the ‘Yes’ side.