What to post on your Facebook and Social Media Business Pages?



What to post on Facebook and other social media pages for your small business…type that into Google and you get a million different opinions. To be precise, it returned About 662,000,000 results (0.65 seconds). So even if you read them all, you wouldn’t know what to post.

Here’s the results of our review of all our client’s business pages over the last 18 months:

Followers respond 50% more to actual advice, information and education about the offerings of the business.

Followers LOVE discounts, deals, coupons, flyers, and special offers.

Followers do appreciate a good link for helpful local and community information and are likely to SHARE this to their followers, spreading that information through multiple streams.

Customers don’t respond well to posts that are too far out of your industry. For example if you’re a restaurant, don’t post about the economy, lol.

Nobody likes a one-sided viewpoint. If you have a point to make, be sure to open the discussion and be ready to hear other opinions. Followers LOVE a good debate and will take you on if your post and opinion is too strong.

Everybody likes a good joke or cartoon, but make sure it relates to your industry, service or product.

Have a look back through your Business Page Insights section, and review what the highest numbers are for Reach on each type of post, you’ll be surprised that followers actually DO watch when you share your knowledge, expertise and helpful tips based on your industry or business.

Now, what will you post today? My advice is: 50% sales, offerings and talking about your business.

25% local news, entertaining posts related to your industry, and community information.

25% helpful links to related topics to your business from other sources.

Don’t forget, when a new customer visits your social pages to research your business, they need to KNOW your business in the first 10 posts, or, they’re gone, so keep talking about yourself, no matter what Google tells you.