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5 Reasons to Get Back on Social Media if you are a SMALL BUSINESS:

I have been watching many small business owners backing away from their social media efforts recently, as they are not seeing many prospects converting to clients. Here are a few things to consider when planning your marketing strategies for the future:

1. If your business is NOT on social media, I bet your competition IS

2. If you are not remaining top of mind with people, and reaching them on a regular basis, when the day comes that they DO need your service or product, THEY WILL FORGET THAT YOU EXIST and hire your competition.

3. Networking groups on social media are very SUCCESSFUL. Professional networking Facebook groups support and refer each other on a REGULAR BASIS. It’s free, and you don’t have to leave your office to go shake hands with people, NICE!

4. When and if people do find your small business from any source, they will go ONLINE and RESEARCH you. Do you have the information available for your prospects online? Can they connect with you easily? Will they be able to trust you enough to pick up the phone?

5. When people search on GOOGLE for your type of product or service, are you one of the search results. If not, do you know why not?

If you are CONFUSED about how to use Social Media to connect with your potential clients, and would like to see your conversion rate climb, let’s talk.
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