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ConsumerView Case Study: Meet Charlie

ConsumerView Case Study: Meet Charlie.
I just happened to meet Charlie last week at his workplace. Charlie (not his actual name) has a Small Business. Business could be better, he mentions. Charlie is a Technophobe, and does not have a Social Media Presence, a Smartphone, or, a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website. Charlie knows he needs to get working on all of that, but how, he asks? Charlie hates technology and has no idea how to use Social Media or Online Advertising effectively.
This is what’s missing from Charlie’s Marketing Strategy:
The business has NO Social Media. None, Zero, however, what he did not realize is that GOOGLE knows his business and has created a review site on his behalf, and customers ARE leaving reviews! Without a Google Plus account, he has not had an opportunity to manage his reviews easily and connect to Google to report abusive reviews. I couldn’t like him on Facebook, and couldn’t share about his great business and excellent customer service on Twitter, Whoops #1.
When I demonstrated how his website looks on a smartphone, and then how his competitor’s website looked on same smartphone, I witnessed the Lightbulb Moment. That moment when business owners realize their direct competitors are killing them with their updated online presence. Whoops x 2.
Many small business owners have access to customer inquiries via text and email 24/7 and can partially run their business from a Smartphone.The phone Charlie uses has no data, no internet, no email. The phone must be sent to phone heaven and a new one would allow him to see NOTIFICATIONS about his business, inquiries about his products, and ways to respond immediately to Reviews and address them the same day, not weeks later. Whoops x 3.
What Should Charlie Do?
Charlie should come for a Consultation with ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services, and have a look at what can be done to improve Sales, Communications, and Online Presence for his Small Business.
The offer has been made, now, let’s see how Charlie changes his mind about using new Marketing Strategies this year, and Beat the Competition!
Stay tuned as we work with Charlie this month, and change his business for the Better!