Like it or not, Social Media and Online Marketing are not simple if you plan on using them to convert suspects to prospects to buyers. Social Media takes effort, and time, to begin to return on the investment, and, if you think not advertising online is an option, be prepared to be disappointed.

1. IT ISN’T INSTANT COFFEE. You don’t add water and have something to enjoy immediately. It takes time to build your pages up, sometimes 6 months to a year.

2. If you haven’t been putting out GOOD QUALITY CONTENT online, relevant to your business, Google will punish you and you will rank lower in search. If you’re starting to put out good stuff now, great, but if you haven’t in the past, you’ll have some catching up to do. BLOG, it works. Try it.

3. If your COMPETITION has been around longer, and has been working steadily at online marketing and social media, you need to work just as hard or harder to come out ahead on a search, and that takes a lot of time, and, some $$$.

4. LIKES ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in Social Media. Connecting, reaching, advertising, engaging, and putting out quality content is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. Think of it this way, how many businesses do YOU follow on YOUR Facebook, any? Or, do you only look them up when you need that particular thing? If you’re there to be seen every day by all your followers, not happening.

5. YOU CAN ONLY BEAT FACEBOOK ALGORITHMS BY ADVERTISING. Consistent, well-placed, quality advertising will reach the people you need to reach and will increase your LIKES over time. You HAVE to PAY to play. Proven Fact.

What can you do as a Business Owner to reach more people and convert them to customers: KEEP AT IT. KEEP POSTING, BLOGGING, LINKING, TALKING, ENGAGING, SHARING AND BEING PRESENT ONLINE. Your competition is, so you have to keep on going to find your happy conversion zone.

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