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#EngagementMarketing Get on Board and Connect!



#ENGAGEMENTMARKETING is my new favourite term. What is it, I was asked yesterday…it’s exactly what it sounds like. Every Day, on all platforms, your website, or any online source, start Engaging. Does it take time? YES. Does it work? YES.
Here are the barriers I hear every day from small businesses:

1. I don’t have time.
2. I can’t afford it.
3. I don’t understand it.
4. It doesn’t work.
5. It’s not working for me so I don’t do it anymore.

My answers:

1. Make time every day. Your competitors do.
2. If you can’t afford to advertise, social media can be FREE.
3. Make an effort to understand it, invest in yourself.
4. It does work, you’re doing it wrong.
5. Learn the best way to reach your specific audience and it will work, so keep trying.

My advice:

Start Blogging. Get a cup of coffee, open a Word Document, and start throwing down ideas of things you want people to know about you, your business, your products and your services.

Just blog it out. Blog and blog and blog.

You’ll start to see a pattern of short snippets that you can use on social media, then add to your website, then share on LinkedIn and VOILA, you’re blogging.

Use key words in your blog. Try videoing yourself talking about your business. Show people why they should work with you, shop at your store or hire you for their project.

Try it. Even Entrepreneur says you should. #EngagementMarketing