What’s Happening in Social Media These Days?


What’s Happening in Social Media these days?

Twitter as a tool for small business marketing just isn’t as good as it used to be. For certain types of businesses, such as Restaurants, it seems to still be fairly easy to engage with customers, or for events, it has the capacity to reach a wide audience, but for the rest of us, Instagram has risen to the top for customer engagement.

You Tube is rising quickly for search results so get your videos started and get on there! We have a unique way to market your business with video, for a professional result that doesn’t have you standing in front ¬†of a camera and sweating it out! Ask us about Your Business Story Videos, you’ll be looking good and visible on YouTube and can imbed the video on the home page of your website, and put it up on social media!

The BEST one for SEARCH is Google Plus and Google My Business, if your business is not there, you’re CRAZY. Google My Business new feature allow your last two posts to be placed in a search result for your business, but, they expire, so keep posting there.

Facebook is still the most used platform, so keep posting. At the mercy of Facebook, businesses are spending money on Facebook Ads, but it’s a tricky exercise, so be sure you know the pitfalls and benefits before laying down your credit card.

Yelp is rising as a trusted resource for searching for products and services, and listings on Yelp are still free.

As Bing is still a popular search engine, make sure you set up your Bing Places for Business listing and get verified. The vast majority of Searches are still happening on Google Chrome. Google rules the search universe, and we’re not expecting that to change!

Overall, get yourself online, and keep talking. Make sure your website is mobile friendly, as 77 percent of searches are being done on a mobile device. Check out your website on your phone, if you have to zoom and slide to get information, know that this will frustrate your customers and they will leave quickly.

If any of this seems overwhelming for small business owners, you’re not alone. The best thing to do is take time to evaluate what’s missing in your Social Media Marketing and website, and get it up and running smoothly.

ConsumerView offers consultations here in Bowmanville and we can walk through it together.
Email us at victoria@consumerviewmarketing.com to book an appointment for a Review Consultation, at extremely reasonable rates. Take the information you learn at our meeting, and try it yourself, or, request a full refurbishment of your platforms, and a set-up of new ones. Do it right the first time and save yourself the frustration.

Review Consultation is free for Newcastle Chamber of Commerce Members.

A review of your business profiles online is also available as a remote service, with an action report for your follow-up, for a very reasonable cost.

Not sure how to improve your online presence? We also have training appointments, for yourself and your staff here in Bowmanville, booking now for September.

Happy Marketing everyone! It’s time to come out of marketing hibernation and start thinking about new ways to reach customers this fall!

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