#EngagementMarketing Get on Board and Connect!



#ENGAGEMENTMARKETING is my new favourite term. What is it, I was asked yesterday…it’s exactly what it sounds like. Every Day, on all platforms, your website, or any online source, start Engaging. Does it take time? YES. Does it work?… Read more

CHARLIE Needs a Website. Charlie is Smart. Be Like Charlie.

MEET CHARLIE UPDATE: Charlie (not their real name) has decided to talk about doing a website and social media. It took a month, but now they are ready to talk. It went like this:

CHARLIE: I can’t afford a website

ME: Your competition is huge in this town.… Read more

What to post on your Facebook and Social Media Business Pages?



What to post on Facebook and other social media pages for your small business…type that into Google and you get a million different opinions. To be precise, it returned About 662,000,000 results (0.65 seconds). So even if you read them all, you wouldn’t know what to post.… Read more

Need a better solution to advertise your Small Business with video?

QUESTION: Do you think a video option on your website and social media pages would help people understand more about your business?

Many clients WANT to do a video in the next year, but haven’t the desire to stand in front of a camera and talk about their offerings.… Read more


Why do you need a Blog for your Small Business? Google, That’s Why

Why should you consider adding a Blog to your small business Website? Keeping your website updated and fresh with new content such as regular blog posts will help in your search ranking with Google. You can include key words that people may be using to Search your business, discuss new products, services, and give helpful advice, positioning yourself as an expert.… Read more

ConsumerView Case Study: Meet Charlie

ConsumerView Case Study: Meet Charlie

ConsumerView Case Study: Meet Charlie.
I just happened to meet Charlie last week at his workplace. Charlie (not his actual name) has a Small Business. Business could be better, he mentions. Charlie is a Technophobe, and does not have a Social Media Presence, a Smartphone, or, a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website.… Read more

why your website needs great content


People are generally in a hurry these days, not making much time to research products and services before making the ‘buying’ decision. Potential customers are ‘suspects’ of your business, until you convince them otherwise. Your website is your 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year salesperson, and like any good employee, your website should be giving your potential clients a short, direct accurate account of what you have to offer.… Read more

8 Things That are Wrong with using Facebook as a Website

Are you a small business using Facebook as a Website? What’s wrong with that you ask? Here’s my list of 8 Things That are Wrong with using Facebook as a Website:

1. Only 59% of Canadians are using facebook at all.… Read more

Hire an Intern

Internship: A great option for Small Business.

ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services has the pleasure to announce a new venture.

We are taking on a Humber College Media Studies Internship student for the next four months. Rachel Crowell is in year two of her Humber College Media Studies coursework, graduating in 2016.… Read more

Appalling Results from my Social Media Review…what’s happening out there?

Just for interest, today I took a few hours out of my day to do a quick review of the websites and social media of a particular local group with a large membership. Due to the appalling results, the group will remain unnamed.… Read more

Holiday Hours

ConsumerView Remote Marketing Services will be taking some time off this season.
REDUCED office hours begin December 18th.
Needing assistance? Please call 905 449 0256 we will return your call as soon as possible.
Closed: December 23rd to December 28th, and December 31st to January 3rd.… Read more


Branch Out and Make New Connections via Social Media

So you have your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, and other Social Media Platforms set up for your Small Business. Are they gathering dust or are you making time to branch out and create new relationships?

We already know that having a great marketing plan should include Social Media, yet many small businesses are still considering this to be a passive form of promotion.… Read more